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Dog’s Owner Brutally Kicked Him Like A Football But He Never Lost His Will To Live

Dogs have four legs, fur, long noses, and two pointy ears. A football is an oblong shaped object usually made of pig skin. But, I bet you knew that already.

Some people tend to get confused about things like that.

Robin needed emergency surgery after his owner abused and even kicked him as if he was a football.

But, Robin isn’t a football. Robin is a tiny dog.

His diaphragm was broken, and all his internal organs had gotten violently pushed up toward his lungs and heart.

Despite the long and arduous surgery – Robin pulled through!

After taking several months to heal, Robin is a new dog.

He now has a new family and two siblings that are canines, just like him!

Take a look at this video

After suffering such abuse and being so close to death, it is amazing that Robin has bounced back and is a lively happy dog.

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