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A Dog Keeps Barking At A Police Officer. Then He Follows Him Down The Street And Realizes Why…

I have often said that I wish my dog could talk, that way I would be able to figure out what she needs sooner! John Boy, a black Labrador, was running along the road in Wisconsin, alone. Police Officer, Jeff Gonzalez caught up to him. The way John Boy was barking was a clear signal that the dog was looking for help!

John Boy took off running with Office Gonzalez close behind. John Boy led the officer to his home, where his owner, Krystal, has passed out. Krystal suffers from a heart condition and was unresponsive and blue by the time Gonzalez reached her. Happily, Krystal recovered from the incident. John Boy saved her life!

Watch the video below!

It must have been fate that Krystal ended up with John Boy. He had been returned three separate times to the shelter before she found him!

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