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This Dog Was Just Days From Death — The Neighbor Takes Matters Into Own Hands

One afternoon in November, Puerto Rico, local authorities have received a phone call – it concerned an emaciated pooch that needed help ASAP, as it was close to death.

It was a dog named Rocco, who had been chained in his owner’s yard for many days without any food or water.

The police officers were greatly alarmed by his horrible living and physical conditions.

They quickly loaded the pooch on their police car for medical help at the nearest vet clinic.

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A court order was also issued, which warranted them to scour the property.

With the owners’ absence, the police have made the right choice to save the pup – without any interference.

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Thankfully, Rocco was in the pink of health, and would soon be ready to be adopted once he recovers.

His former owners were brought to court, and were handled 3rd degree animal abuse sentences.

They were jailed after that since they did not pay the hefty fines. Karma, is it not?

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