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Driver Witnesses Terrifying Moment Dog Jumps Out Of Car Window In Front Of Him

Who owns a dog that doesn’t like to go for a ride in the car? My dog instantly calms down in the car and enjoys sticking her head out the window. One important thing about traveling with dogs in cars is that they should be restrained – you know a seat belt or a dog crate or something. Dogs can not be told to sit still and not to jump out of the window.

You can’t rationalize with a dog. Check out the video below. The car’s dashboard camera catches the moment when a little white dog jumps out of the window of a moving car – and these cars were on what looks like an interstate! The dog tumbles and rolls, but he appears to be okay.

Take a look at this video

Thankfully, the other drivers were paying attention and had good reflexes. Roll up the windows and secure your dogs – it is in everyone’s best interest. Share away, people.