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Dog Had Tight Jar Stuck On His Head For 3 Whole Days

A dog named Pickle, found himself in – well, a pickle!

The dog’s name wasn’t really Pickle until he was spotted walking the streets of Fort Worth, Texas, with a jar on his head.

Rescuers couldn’t resist naming him that! Jokes aside, Pickle was in serious trouble.

The plastic jar on his head meant he couldn’t eat or drink, and he was running out of air.

Once Pickle was found, a message went out on social media pleading for help.

Animal control officers tried to get the jar off, but the dog got nervous (which is understandable).

Finally, the jar came off, and the poor exhausted dog nearly passed out!

Watch the video below to see it all unfold.

Happily, Pickle is now free of his jar.

No one knows where he came from, so a search is on to find him a forever home! Good luck, Pickle!

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