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Mom Was Busy Filming Her Baby When She Caught Dog Doing Something Hilarious

Dogs. Our lives would be so empty without them. If you don’t have a dog – you are missing out! I know, I know, some people are cat people. You are still missing out! It was a snowy day, and the mom in the video took her toddler out to play in all the white, fluffy stuff. There was an inner tube, and the toddler decided that it looked like fun!

But in order to maximize her fun, the toddler first has to move the inner tube to just the right spot! There are a few lanes in the snow and Natalie, the girl in pink, knows just what lane she wants. She is methodically moving the inner tube when the dog slithers across the screen! The dog wanted to go sledding too!

Take a look at this video

But, without a sled, the dog improvised! I’m sure you were as shocked as the people taking the video! Share away, people!