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Dog Who Thought She Found Forever Home Left Heartbroken When She Returned Back

It was a happy day one month ago when Athena was adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services. Sadly, Athena was returned on April 20, 2017. Shelter staff are not sure what made the man return the sweet pup. Joan Marentis Kelly took a heartbreaking video of the moment when Athena was taken back to the shelter.

It is clear that in the short time Athena had been with the family she had taken to them and was devastated by their actions. Happily, the video got a lot of attention and Athena didn’t wait at the shelter for long! She was rescued a second time by a family.

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dog surrendered

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Let us hope that her new family realizes that her life isn’t disposable. Animals are living creatures who deserve our love and respect. If you make the commitment to an animal – you shouldn’t just give them back or abandon them if things get hard.

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