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Dog Found Living His Own Version Of Hell Is Too Weak To Run From Rescuers

Hell does exist on Earth for the millions of homeless cats and dogs around the globe. This poor creature is Oscar. Oscar lived his lonely days in an abandoned house. He was afraid of people and hid. At night, he would come out to try and find food – but he was slowly starving to death. People saw him and ignored him – he looked hideous.

Finally, someone rescued Oscar from that life. Oscar began his long road to recovery – and it was worth it! Oscar had a series of deadly diseases but with some TLC, food, and the proper medications he now has a new lease on life! Watch the video below to see Oscar from start to finish! It is a dramatic transformation!

Take a look at this video

If you see a homeless dog, don’t ignore them. All you have to do is call for help. Rescue groups will get them the help they need.

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