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Dog Found His Forever Home, But Ran Away Because He Missed His Foster Mom Too Much

Fostering a dog or a cat can be a rewarding experience. You can bring in an animal and nurse them back to health or just care for them until a new family is found. One dog, named Geoffrey, was fostered by a woman and then found a forever home! The problem was that Geoffrey had bonded with his foster mom and didn’t want to leave her – so, he ran away from his new home to try and find her!

Unfortunately, Geoffrey got lost, and then he got hit by a car! Geoffrey’s foster mom found out about the whole thing and went on a mission to try and find her former foster! Watch the video, even though Geoffrey had no idea where he was or where to go, he was on the move!

Take a look at this video

The video showed the remarkably joyous reunion! Don’t forget to share away, people!