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People Come Across Dog Who Froze To Death In Front Of A Restaurant’s Parking Lot

Someone abandoned a dog inside the bottom part of a dog carrier in the parking lot of a restaurant in Clarksville, Tennessee. The dog, a white and gray pit bull mix, was given a blanket and nothing else. The temperatures dropped, and it appears as if the dog froze to death in the carrier.

Dogs and cats need shelter when the temperatures drop – they are not cold tolerant. The dog was found this past weekend at Grandma’s Apron Restaurant and police are looking for any information about the dog. This is a case of animal cruelty. Authorities want to know if you recognize the dog so they can start to piece together what happened.

Take a look at this image

dog froze to death

Image Credit: Montgomery County Animal Control

If you know this dog, please contact the Montgomery County Animal Control Agency, their phone number is 931-648-5750. This dog’s life didn’t have to end like this. Rest in peace. Share away, people.