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Dog Fetches The Stick For A Treat, But The Clydesdale Is Not To Be Outdone

Every year, many people watch the Super Bowl and root for their favorite team. If you are like me, you may watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials and halftime show! Budweiser has some of the best commercials, and that is mostly because they feature their Clydesdale horses. The clip below is the commercial that aired in 2009.

A man is playing fetch with what his black and white dog. A magnificent Clydesdale horse seems to be learning how the game is played. The horse decides to join in on the fun and runs off to get his very own stick for the man to throw. Just wait until you see what the horse finds! The horse adds a fun twist at the end by bringing the man his own ‘stick.’

Take a look at this video

It is possible that the horse wanted to make the game more interesting!

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