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People At Park Froze When Dog Fell ‘Unconscious’. Then Owner Revealed A Secret

Parents know that if your child is having fun at the park, they are not really going to be willing to leave! You end up giving time limits and making promises or even bargaining with your child to get them to agree to go! The child in this video has four feet and fur – but that doesn’t mean she is willing to leave the popular outdoor spot she and her owner visited in Australia!

Kristen Bohlsen was able to capture the disagreeable pup on video. It is clear that the dog’s owner is ready to go – but in a clever twist, his dog just lays on the ground in a form of peaceful protest! We aren’t’ sure if the dog was able to get more time at the park or not – but we all got a good chuckle at the attempt!

Take a look at this video!

Let us hope other dogs don’t see this video and try it! Share away, people!