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A Dog Failed Its Agility Course, But That Didn’t Stop Him From Making The Announcer Laugh!

You practice and practice so when the ‘big’ day comes nothing goes wrong. But, with animals, you have to learn to expect the unexpected! This video comes to us from the agility course event at the Crufts 2017 show. The video is sweeping the internet because the Jack Russell running the course doesn’t exactly ‘nail’ the agility run.

He has a hard fall – but that doesn’t stop him! It is as if he didn’t even realize he fell! He tackles the next few obstacles with no problem. The announcer is having a hard time not laughing as Ollie continues to run the course (even if he is going in the wrong direction at times). You have to love his enthusiasm!

Take a look at this video

Ollie didn’t give up, and neither did his trainer! If you don’t succeed the first time – just keep on running! Enjoy life, like Ollie did!

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