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Dog Evaded Capture For 2 Years But What He Did After Caught Brought Tears To His Rescuer’s Eyes

Houdini, the escape artist dog, was first seen at the Port of San Pedro in Los Angeles more than two years ago. As his name implies, he has proven to be uncatchable! Hope For Paws wasn’t about to let this dog live on the streets for his entire life and set out to catch him. The first day and second day went to Houdini, who was able to avoid all their attempts.

The third day was more successful for Eldad Hagar and his team. While living on the docks, Houdini had been fed by a man named Mike. The day he was captured, Mike, helped to calm Houdini down so they could get him to the vet. Wait until you see what happened there!

Take a look at this video

Rescue from the Hart has Houdini up for adoption if you can please consider giving Houdini a forever home. Share this story so we can get Houdini the home he deserves!