Image Credit: Weibo

Animal lovers online were shocked when news of a golden retriever who was previously on China Eastern Airlines flight departing from Shanghai and landing in Wuhan, China had reunited with its owner in bruises and blood stains in Tianhe International Airport.

The owner was devastated when he saw his dog in such a critical state.

His dog had previously escaped from the plane’s cargo hold in search of its owner, only to be brutally tortured and caught within a 2 hour search.

The owner quickly brought his goldie to a local vet, only to find multiple injuries on Er Mao.

Its injuries were so severe that it caused the poor dog great seething pain – vets presumed that airport staff had most likely used a sharp whip or air guns on it.

Airport staff should never treat our beloved animals like this – how would they like it if they received the same treatment?

Check out this image below:

Image Credit: Weibo

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