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Dog Dumped By A Breeder When He Was just 5 Months Old Now Works At An Art Gallery

This is Bert, a Pomeranian. When Bert was five months old, his breeder felt he was too big to sell, so he was surrendered to an animal shelter. At that time, Kathy Grayson was looking for a pet on Petfinder. Grayson, the owner of the art gallery called The Hole, saw Bert and fell in love!

She took a flight from New York to Tulsa to make Bert part of her family. The following day, Grayson had an opening at her gallery.

There were hundreds of people in attendance, and a dinner party followed. Bert took it all in stride – as if he was meant to be a part of the world of art!

That was four years ago! Bert still goes to work with Grayson every day. Bert’s quiet and refined manner made him a perfect fit at the gallery.

Grayson has taken Bert to art fairs in L.A., Miami, and NYC. He has even traveled to Canada, D.C., and Seattle!