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Heartless Man Leaves His Dog To Die In A Locked, Unventilated Car

It’s absolutely amazing that experts still have to warn animal owners about the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car.

When all the doors are shut with the windows rolled up, the inside of a car can reach 170 degrees Fahrenheit very quickly.

Even if the windows are cracked open a bit, temperatures can still rise quickly.

Unfortunately, many animals are left locked in hot cars year after year. Many die before they can be rescued.

This recently happened in New York when Roger Chilson, a 29-year-old, left his Boxer mix locked in a car for almost an hour in the heat.

The 5-year-old dog, named Shadow, could not tolerate the extreme heat. He died before he could be rescued by the local humane society.

The Ontario County Humane Society had been called to the scene, but the Boxer died before they were able to get him out.

Chief Bill McGuigan informed that any temperature over 103 degrees can be life-threatening for a dog.

Chilson was arrested and charged with felony aggravated cruelty. He was sent to the Ontario County Jail.

Chief McGuigan said that these terrible events do not have to happen. All you have to do is leave your animal at home if you cannot bring them into your destination.

It is an issue that can always be prevented with just a little bit of planning.

Even if the air temperature outside of the car is just 70 degrees, the temperature inside of the vehicle can rise to more than 110 degrees in as little as an hour.

Anyone who leaves their animal in a hot car is taking a huge risk on their safety.

Please, do not leave your dog, or any animal for that matter, locked in a hot car. It isn’t worth their life.