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Once A Dog Is Surrendered, This Is What He Feels – Depression And Loneliness

Just one look at this dog and your heart may break, shatter, or cry out in anguish. This dog is clearly sad and dejected. Tammy Graves took this picture of a recently surrendered dog. The poor dog has no idea why his owners just left him in a shelter. He is crushed. Graves posted the picture to show people what happens to some dogs when they arrive at a shelter.

It isn’t pretty and hopefully will make people think twice about giving up on an animal. The dog in this picture, named June, was rescued from the shelter by Graves and her organization, Haley Graves Foundation, Inc, located in North Carolina. June will be up for adoption as soon as she finished her heartworm treatments and overcomes her anxiety.

Take a look at this poor darling

depressed dog

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