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She Couldn’t Believe What She Was Witnessing — So She Grabbed Her Camera

Do you have a BFF? You know a best friend who would do anything for you or be there for you in your time of need. Most people have at least one person who they can count on. Animals often have BFF’s too. Some animals will have friends within their own species, but not always. The dog in this video just so happens to be friends with a deer!

The deer wandered into Kate’s, a Great Dane, yard and the rest is history. The two are often found playing and even snuggling! This is truly one of nature’s oddities! But, it is heartwarming and amazing! Have you ever seen a deer act so goofy? We can expect silliness from a dog – but a deer?

Take a look at this video!

Wow! That is just awesome! I agree, it looks as if those two have a loving friendship! Go now and be goofy with your friends! Share away, people!