dog daycare owner beating dog

Dealing with pet dogs, especially if they’re not yours or not trains, is sometimes difficult. When they get excited, keeping them under wraps often proves to be problematic.


Rather than trying to correct their pet dogs’ behaviors, some people choose to physically harm such animals.

A daycare facility for dogs located in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado was housing a dog a few days ago that allegedly bit other puppies at the daycare.

Playcare Pets’ owner, Stacy Erdman, was recorded on video hitting the dog with a stick and yelling at it.

News reports indicate that the incident took place early in 2019.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture told reports that it had formally filed a complaint against Playcare Pets and Stacy Erdman’s mistreatment of the dog.


Stacy Erdman used to share her workspace alongside a dog groomer named Sasha Ross.

It was Ms. Ross who managed to get the shocking abuse caught on tape as proof of what Erdman did.

Ms. Erdman told reporters that although the videotape looked like she was hitting the dog with force, she was using a long, lax, plastic tube that is able to bend.