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This Dog Commercial Is Going To Change The Way You Look At Dogs Forever

Dogs are a gift from heaven. They provide you with unconditional love, companionship, and hours of joy! They are also known to get into trouble every now and then – but just like kids, it is part of the package! You have to expect some messes when you have a dog! My dog is prone to eating things out of the trash can and even the litter box!

Some people have asked the question – Why did God make dogs? In this video, you will learn the answer. It starts off being rather humorous, and then there is the emotional twist. All relationships have that ‘top of the world’ feeling, and then there are the not so happy times too. Grab a tissue and watch the video below

Take a look at this video

Life ends, and your dog will pass. But, we are always grateful for the love and laughter they give us. Share away, people.