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Heartbreaking Moment: Scared Dog Chasing Owner’s Car After Being Abandoned

Dogs are sometimes known for chasing cars.

They often enjoy the thrill of the adventure.

Dogs are also known as man’s best friend as they are loyal, comforting, and trusting of their owners.

A dog will never fail to let you know that you are loved.

It will always be there, and you won’t get judged for the person you are.

You’ll usually get the same love and affection each day from your dog.

There are some owners who don’t feel that their dog is their best friend.

They just don’t realize that animals have feelings as well and that they can hurt as much as people.

These owners sometimes make the decision that they no longer want the responsibility of having a dog.

Instead of finding a suitable home that can offer the care that is needed, the owners find a location to dump the dog so that it has to fend for itself on the streets.

An owner in Thailand left his dog on a busy street one evening.

He probably thought that the dog would be able to quickly find someone else to go home with since there were so many people on the road.

However, that didn’t happen as the dog did something heartbreaking.

The dog wasn’t sure why it couldn’t get back in the car with his owner.

A witness saw the dog chasing the owner’s vehicle and recorded the events before posting the story on social media.

The woman tried to get the owner’s attention as the dog chased after the vehicle, but the owner didn’t stop.

The woman then followed the vehicle to get the owner to pull over.

When she finally stopped the owner, he responded that he no longer wanted the dog.

The owners simply drove off and left the poor dog on the street for it to chase after the vehicle, begging to get back inside until it could no longer run.