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Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Chained To The Top Of A Cage In A Fast Moving Car

See this picture. Looks like a still photo – right? Wrong. The dog is chained to the top of this crate, and the picture was taken as the truck headed down Florida Interstate 95. The video and image quickly sparked outrage on Facebook. Brenna Cronin posted the video and a comment asking for anyone to help identify the truck.

She also pointed out that the dog had been branded with the letter “S” on its leg. The owner of the truck saw her post and replied back! The man, named Jeremy, claimed to have done nothing wrong and that the dog likes it on top and he was chained so he couldn’t fall off. When I look at that picture, I do not see a dog that is enjoying himself – do you?

Take a look at this video

Jeremy apparently used his dog to hunt hogs and said the dog was branded with the “S” when he was a puppy. Animal Control is investigating this incident. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]