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Man Watched Helplessly As Dog Got Caught In Turbulent Water, Then Lab Jumped To The Rescue

This is the most amazing rescue you will see today! Someone was playing ‘fetch’ with their dogs near some rapids. Why a person would be this careless, I don’t know. Please don’t put your dogs in the dangerous situation. If it hadn’t been for the other dog, the black lab would have been in a great deal of trouble.

The black lab manages to get the stick that was thrown, but the water was moving too quickly and the dog was being pushed down stream. Without hesitation, the yellow lab grabs onto the free end of the stick and helps get his comrade out of the water! The person with the camera didn’t even blink – as if the whole thing wasn’t a big deal.

Take a look at this video

Be smart. Be safe. Don’t put your dogs in a position that could get them hurt or killed. Share away, people!