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Dog Has Emotional Breakdown Watching The Lion King’s Saddest Scene

We are all aware of that dreadful scene in Disney’s classic film, The Lion King where Mufasa has just been trampled by the stampede of wildebeest.

And don’t worry, we won’t force you to watch it again.

But, it turns out that we aren’t the only species who find this part of the movie a tear-jerker.

While the melancholy music starts to play, and Scar tells his nephew of the recent tragedy, an animal viewer is sitting close by.

Luna, the four-month-old pup starts to whimper, her eyes fixed on the television set.

As it continues, she can’t seem to look away, resorting to lying down on the bed with her head on top her paws.

Her owner simply watches, recording her reactions instead of the movie.

Now, it’s been debated that our furry friends don’t feel emotions in the same way that we do.

That we tend to anthropomorphize, or giving them human-like characteristics. But Luna is definitely reacting in some way to this touching moment.

She even seems to be experiencing the same emotions that we did when we first watched this film.

Her owner, Josh Meyers, sums it up perfectly, saying that “her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen”.