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Internet Just Found A Home For This Dog, But His Before & After Pics Will Melt Your Heart

This lonely dog was seen living at an animal shelter, a kind woman took his photo and decided to share it with the world. The woman, a Reddit user, wanted to see if the sad looking photo would inspire someone to help him out. She put a caption under his photo that said the dog was just waiting for his new family to come and take him home.

The dog, named Mack, was living at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter – but not for long! Happily, the internet responded and found Mack a happy home! Seven days later Mack was seen again in a different post and his entire expression had changed!

You can see the joy on his face! Look – before and after shots! Mack even has a new canine buddy to hang out with in his new home! Mack has been renamed Frank the Tank, and his owner has started an Instagram account!

Frank, the Tank’s new owner, has promised to give as many belly rubs as he possibly can! This is the way we should all get our next pet – adopt. Buying a dog or cat from a pet store promotes puppy or kitten mills, which are horrible and cruel places.

There are millions of pets just waiting for a home near you! Check out local shelters today to see if you can bring home a deserving pet! You won’t be sorry!

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