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Dog Given Up Because He Couldn’t Use His Back Legs Wants His Old Family To See Him Now

People who have a pet need to understand that that pet sees you as family. Dogs are pack animals. If you live in a pack, you are family. Dogs (and cats) have feelings and show loyalty. The least we can do as pet owners is to be loyal to our animals. At some point, you made the decision to have a pet – so follow through.

Take care of them when things get tough. Hercules wasn’t able to use his back legs – his family dumped him. Thankfully, that insult didn’t stop Hercules from being a determined little pup! Watch and see how Hercules showed everyone his fighting spirit! Happily, Hercules can use his legs better than before. Watch the video to see how he fought the odds and won!

Take a look at this video

We all could learn from Hercules. Fight the good fight. Don’t give up! You can do it! Share away, people!