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Family Rescued Dog From Certain Death, Then He Died Saving Them In Shooting

Dogs are often known for being man’s best friend. They provide entertainment, comfort, and protection.

At times, a dog is willing to give its life to protect its owner as one dog did in Texas.

It was supposed to be an exciting afternoon for Laura Martinez and her family as they prepared to gather together to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

The family was in the garage of their home on March 10 while they were getting all of the food ready. Zero, the family’s dog, was in the garage as well.

Soon after the party got underway, a 16-year-old approached the home. The teenager started threatening the family. He started hitting Laura.

A few moments later, the teen took out a gun and started shooting at the people at the party. One of the bullets hit Laura’s son’s foot.

When the teen started to take a second shot, Zero jumped at him and grabbed his arm so that he couldn’t harm anyone else. Unfortunately, Zero was shot instead.

The dog was injured, but he continued to jump at the teen to try to get him to stop shooting. The teen continued to fire his gun and shot Zero at least two more times.

When the family took Zero to the vet, the doctor was unable to do anything to help him.

Zero was put to sleep after he had protected his family from a senseless act committed by a young man.

Laura was also hit by the teen and has to use crutches until her leg heals. Her daughter was shot as well.

Everyone is now frightened to even think about staying in the home, and it has placed a dark cloud on any kind of birthday celebration that would be planned for the future.

Fortunately, the teen was arrested soon after the shooting.

He was given three bonds of $30,000 each, which means that it will likely be difficult for him to get out of jail any time soon.

Laura and her family set up a GoFundMe account to try to get financial assistance for the medical bills that the family now has to pay.

The family remembers that their home had been robbed the day before the party. They also realized that the person who robbed them and the person who shot them is the same.

Laura wanted to handle the incident in a calm manner by talking to the teen’s parents, but the teen took matters into his own hands with the gun.

If it weren’t for Zero, Laura and her family could have been injured more than they were or even killed.