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Massive Dog Approaches Little Girl Lying In Hospital Bed. Now Watch The Dog’s Back

Dogs can change lives in more ways than we realize. For Bella, an 11-year-old girl with the rare Morquio Syndrome, her service dog George has made her life so much better. Her condition means that her mobility becomes increasingly more restricted as she grows older, and she was confined to a wheelchair for a lot of her life.

But when she met George, the pup helped Bella to walk again – and also cycle, climb stairs, and overall be much more independent than she was before. Now, Bella wants to give back to George and thank him for everything he’s done by giving him George’s Best Day Ever!

The itinerary includes a lot of George’s favorite things, and he deserves this reward.

Image Credit: YouTube

First, Bella, her mom, and George head to a dog-friendly hotel, where he is given an extremely warm hero’s welcome. Then, it’s time to explore Boston while the staff gets their room ready for special surprises! Their first stop is a burger joint, where George gets to have a whole plate of burgers to himself. He isn’t usually allowed human food, but today is special!

Next, they head to a ski lodge because George absolutely loves the snow. Together, Bella and George dash through the snow – George running as fast as he can, Bella sledding alongside him! Then, they head to a specialized doggy treat store, where George gets to eat a giant bone and samples tons of yummy snacks.

Image Credit: YouTube

Finally, the three retire to their hotel room, where they find a big bag of toys waiting for George and a giant, soft bed for him to sleep on, along with a heartfelt note, and they all get to have a big sleepover together. It truly is a perfect day!

Bella is endlessly thankful to George for everything he’s done for her, and she’s glad that she was able to give him a nice treat like this. She says he is her best friend, and he has always been there for her, through thick and thin. What a good boy!