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Dog Who Spent 12 Years Locked Up In A Puppy Mill Finally Gets Rescued By Angels

Most of us would agree that 12 years is a long time. Can you imagine living in a cage for 12 years? Little Belle did. She lived at a puppy mill. It is likely she never saw the sun or felt its warming rays on her fur. She probably never ran around and enjoyed life like a dog should. The only thing she ever felt under her feet was the metal cage she was forced to live in.

She gave birth to litter after litter (after litter) of puppies. Her life was a miserable and sad existence. Happily, she was rescued. In this video, she is getting to see and feel the sun for the first time. Grab a tissue and watch.

Take a look at this video

We shouldn’t buy pets from backyard breeders – put them out of business and adopt a pet from your local animal shelter.
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