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5 Nurses Bring The Laughs, Dropping The Sheet During Hilarious Parody Song

Taking a moment to study the realm of medicine reveals all sorts of weird and terrifying medical disorders that exist.

Our bodies are crammed full of complicated and interconnected systems, to the point that scientists are still learning new things about it after about 200 years of research in modern medicine!

When you think about it, it is more surprising that things don’t go awry more often – the balance in our systems are so delicate that it is a little terrifying.

To be fair, physically our bodies are much less fragile than most other creatures.

In fact, we as a species have one of the most hyperactive healing systems in place.

We may have the saying “as healthy as a horse”, but our body’s ability to cope and overcome damage and trauma in comparison makes horses look like they are made out of spun glass!

That said, it can be scary just what can go wrong with our bodies in times of duress – for example, when you find yourself experiencing laryngospasms.

An intimidating-sounding term, laryngospasm is a rare medical condition where the vocal cords suddenly spasm when the patient is under stress or is anxious.

A possible symptom of underlying problems, laryngospasm in and of itself isn’t harmful, and neither is it an indicator of something serious.

It can, however, be quite alarming, since it feels as if you aren’t able to breathe or speak during the duration it lasts, usually less than a minute.

Humanity, however, is always able to find humour in just about any situation.

Tired and stressed out by their studies at the time, a team of student nurses joined forces to create a musical parody group called The Laryngospasms.

The goal was to not only make fun out of the scary-sounding medical term, but also to unwind and enjoy themselves.

As it turns out, it didn’t help just them to have fun – it worked out to their viewers’ benefit as well!

Once finals began slipping past over their heads and Christmas break was soon within sight, the team decided to take on the task for performing for attendees of the student Christmas party in Minneapolis School of Anesthesia.

Putting on their scrubs, the dynamic team took to stage and blew everyone away with their parody rendition of ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do’ by Neil Sedaka, now appropriately renamed ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do.’

As it turned out, they weren’t just also plain ridiculous, they were also talented musicians who made these parodies work incredibly well!

You would have assumed that was the end of it all, but this is not the case.

Nearly a decade later, the team has reassembled once again.

They may be professional, registered anesthetists now, but this doesn’t mean they have lost the ability to turn fear into laughter!

After all, everyone can use that sort of transformation.

With the power of the internet, their music videos have gone viral, proving not only did are they a talented, musical bunch, but are also absolutely hilarious!