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When You Learn Why Doctors Are Bowing To An 11-Year-Old, Your Heart Will Weep Too

The doctors in this image are all bowing to the patient – who was an 11-year-old Chinese boy. The boy, Liang Yaoyi, had made his last request. He wanted all of his organs to be donated to others in need. Liang wanted to be a doctor when he got older and figured that giving his organs to other people would be a way to at least help someone else.

He reportedly said that there are so many people doing good things in the world. He wanted to be good just like them! At first, Liang’s family was hesitant, but they did fulfill his last wish. Liang’s kidneys were removed and successfully transplanted to others! News about Liang’s deed did not go unnoticed.

Take a look at this image

doctors bowing

Image Credit: IFL Science

Many people were inspired and left comments on Sina Weibo, a Chinese social networking site. Rest in Peace, Liang.

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