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Horrified Parents Watch Adopted Doberman Grab Their Daughter Before Realizing What’s Happening

Pit bulls have gotten a lot of bad press. They are being portrayed as aggressive and uncontrollable – but it isn’t true. It has to do with how the animals are raised and treated. In this story, a dog named Kahn was learning to live life with a new family.

dog and snake

Image Credit: Can Dogs Eat This

Kahn, a Doberman, had been abused and even abandoned by his previous family and he was going to need some time to adjust to his new life.

dog and snake

Image Credit: The Advertiser

Catherine Svilicic was watching her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Charlotte and Kahn play. Kahn had been with the Svilicic’s for just four days.

dog and snake

Image Credit: PB Media

Suddenly, Kahn became a little more aggressive than Catherine was comfortable with. The big dog was pushing the young girl quite violently around the yard.