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Diver Doesn’t Understand What This Gentle Giant Wants – Until It Grabs A Hold Of His Hand

In this story, a whale shark is in need of help and gets it from some friendly divers. The diver next to the whale shark is just expecting to see the amazing creature glide past, but instead, the whale shark tugged at his hand!

As you can imagine, the diver was confused until he saw the what looked like a commercial fishing rope wrapped around the massive creature’s body. The rope was cutting into it fins and was probably causing a lot of pain. Lucky for the diver, he had a knife on him, and he was able to cut away the rope quickly!

Watch the video to see it all unfold

By looking at the condition of the rope and the shark’s body, the rope had been there for a long time. I bet the whale shark feels better and the diver has got to feel pretty proud! Share away, people.