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Man Was Diving In Hawaii When A Dolphin Swam Up To Him Asking For Urgent Help

Dolphins are known for being highly intelligent and are often dubbed the smartest of mammals.

So when you think about it, what happens in this video isn’t much of a surprise, but it’s still an amazing moment that we’re lucky got caught on camera!

A group of divers were swimming with the manta rays off the coast of Hawaii when they were surprised by a friendly dolphin approaching and circling around them.

It didn’t take long for a diver to notice what the problem was as she swum up very close to him.

A hook and fishing line had gotten stuck in her flipper, and she wanted it removed. She was asking for help!

The diver was able to gently remove the hook and cut away the line, which was heavily tangled with her fin.

Take a look at this video

It must have been painful and uncomfortable for her to swim with that stuck in it!

As she swam away, she gave the diver a grateful glance, and he waved as she disappeared into the ocean!

What a magical moment!

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