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Disney World Rejects Mom And Family From Hotel Because They Don’t Serve Her ‘Kind’

Sexual predators are marked, people.

You can find out where they live and who they are online, some places even mark their driver’s license so they can be identified when they are in public places.

Tammy Lemasters took her family to Disney World but was denied entry because her driver’s license had her down as a sexual predator.

woman sexual predator

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Lemasters is a mother that has never been convicted of any crime, much less as a pedophile.

Lemasters is getting ready to sue the Lake County Tax Collector’s office for this mistake.

woman sexual predator

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She is claiming it was defamation – and it is the worst kind!

Apparently, a computer glitch printed the words “Sexual Predator” on her license.

I wonder how long the words had been there… I always check my license when I get it to make sure it is right.

If it isn’t right, I would have it changed immediately.

I would never have allowed the words “Sexual Predator” to be printed on my license and walk around with it!

Did Lemasters really think she would be allowed into Disney World with those words on her license?

Lemasters’ attorney, John Phillips, claims that a clerk checked the “sexual predator” box instead of the “organ donor” box when the forms were filled out.

Phillips is also representing three other people who have had the same thing happen to them!

Lemasters did say that when she got her license, she did check that her name and address were correct, but never looked at the words printed in the lower corner.

Lemasters claims her lawsuit isn’t about money, it is to raise awareness.

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