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Disgustingly Disturbing Footage Of An 8-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral And Sparks Outrage

The following video is graphic and disturbing, watch at your own discretion. The video is of a boy – an eight-year-old boy and a stripper. In March, the video of the stripper at the eight-year old’s birthday party was posted on social media. The stripper can be seen dancing in front of the boy in her pink underwear – and the boy smacks her backside!

Other children in the video are cheering the stripper and the boy on and even throwing dollar bills around! The incident took place in Tampa, Florida but the police couldn’t do anything about it because it wasn’t clear where the video had been recorded. Online sources say the boy’s mother hired the stripper.

Take a look at this disturbing video

Some are claiming this is child abuse. I don’t think it is really ‘abuse,’ but it is utterly inappropriate. This boy (and the other children) will not have much respect for women as a result of this. Share away, people.