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Diners Eating With Baby Suddenly Look Behind Counter. They Are Stunned Seeing Manager’s Actions

Frenchy’s Chicken, a restaurant in Houston, spends its Wednesday nights serving a delicious two-piece fried chicken special, accompanied with warm side dishes. These meals feed countless families who pass by for a bite, but for one family in particular, it gave them so much more than that.

Image Credit: YouTube

Lowe Petties was enjoying a meal with her family when she noticed an elderly woman standing in line with a young three-year-old girl, who was crying. When it came her turn, the woman asked to speak to the manager.

Image Credit: YouTube

Lowe overheard the woman asking the manager, whose name was Ahmed, if she could order the special for her starving granddaughter, but pay him the next day. She revealed that she had eight more grandkids at home who could barely eat, and offered to leave her ID and social security card with him as guarantee that she would return to pay.

Image Credit: YouTube

Some may have turned her away, but not Ahmed. He told her to wait for a moment, then went back to the kitchen to get to work. Not only did he whip up the two-piece special that the woman’s granddaughter wanted, but also a huge bucket full of 25 pieces of fried chicken, a huge family serving of greens and fries, and even some drinks, a bit of bread, and some cake!

Image Credit: Facebook/Lowe Petties

Best of all? Ahmed said she didn’t need to pay for any of it, and that if she found her family hungry once more, that she could come again anytime. Lowe couldn’t help snapping a picture of this moment and sharing it on social media, where it quickly went viral. But that’s not all the good deeds done that night. Inspired by Ahmed, Lowe’s husband Andre and another customer headed outside with the woman and paid for a full tank of gas for her!

Ahmed believes that everyone needs a little help sometimes, and he’s so happy that they were able to go home and eat their fill for the first time in a long time. What an inspiring story!