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Football Player Praying For Team Mate’s Speedy Recovery Goes Viral

There was a viral photo that circulated the web.

You probably saw it.

It was of a football player with his helmet off and he was on one knee – praying.

The player was Dillon Goedeck and he attended Northeast Guilford High School in Guilford County, North Carolina.

What caused Dillon to get down on one knee and pray during that Friday night game?

The linebacker wasn’t praying for himself, he didn’t want to make a specular play.

He wasn’t praying that the other team fumbled the ball either.

His best friend, Grayson Bonomo had been preparing to punt, but the snap was too high, so Bonomo ended up trying to run for a first down.

As Bonomo neared the sideline, a player from the opposing team ran into him.

Bonomo did see him coming, and he had lowered his shoulder to prepare for the impact.

The two helmets smacked into each other and Bonomo lost consciousness.

Medics ran onto the field to check on the player who was down.

During the break in the action, Goedeck got on one knee and said a prayer for his friend.

teen and injured mate

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Goedeck said he didn’t do it to get attention, he just felt that it was something that should be done at that moment.

Bonomo did have a concussion and was treated at a nearby hospital and released.

By the following Tuesday, he was back at school.

Bonomo had to wait 10 more days before playing with the team again.

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