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How Depressed Horses Reacted When They Meet After 4 Years Apart Will Leave You In Tears

Animals have feelings. They can show happiness, love, and fear. They can also be sad and may even mourn the loss of a friend. This video is part of the story about Arthur, a thoroughbred race horse. Arthur had grown up on a farm and had two BFFs, William and Harry, two New Forest ponies.

The horses had all been separated and were apart for many years. Arthur went on to be a racehorse – but he never forgot the two friends he left behind. This video was first posted last year, and it quickly went viral. It shows the reunion of Arthur and his buddies, William and Harry. Grab a tissue, you may need it!

Take a look at this video

You don’t have to be an animal expert to see what is happening – this is what pure joy looks like! After a quick huddle, the three are off and running! Share away, people!