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Dentist Working On Little Girl’s Mouth Pulls Parents Aside, Breaks Tragic News

The administrator of Children’s Dental Surgery Center, David Thompson, stated that they had never seen anything like this before, that this was the first time a child has passed away at the clinic and said his staff is extensively trained and very competent.

girl dies at dentist

Image Credit: ABC30

According to the Dental Board of California, an investigation will be conducted. I can’t imagine the horror and pain the family is going through.

You don’t believe that your child will die during a routine dental procedure.

girl dies at dentist

Image Credit: Daleyza / GoFundMe

As a parent, I know my son will have to go to the dentist – but reading stories like this make me wonder if it is all worth it. Why pull baby teeth? Aren’t they going to fall out on their own? Share away, people…