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After Years Of Remaining Silent, Dennis Quaid Finally Admits What We’ve All Been Suspecting

Dennis Quaid is well-known for his acting chops, and we’ve seen him in plenty of comedic and dramatic roles on both the small and big screen. But it’s a recent role he’s gained that has helped to regain the faith he lost along the way.

Image Credit: Flickr/Gordon Correll

Dennis was raised in Houston and was a Baptist growing up, and he loved growing up in a home that was religious. But shortly after landing his first role in Hollywood and blowing up in fame, he began to struggle with internal issues. He developed anorexia, became addicted to drugs, and stopped being close to God.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It took a lot of hard work and strength for Dennis to seek help and eventually recover from his eating disorder and addiction, but even when he did, his faith remained weak. It wasn’t until he took a break to travel the globe in his late 20s that he began to reconnect with God. He read the Bible from cover to cover and became inspired by the red words of Jesus.

As he traveled, Dennis wrote a song for his mother, who had always supported him, called On My Way to Heaven. But he’d never been able to finish it, and it was left without its final bridge for 25 years.

But when Dennis landed the role in I Can Only Imagine, where his character slowly but surely finds grace, that he was finally able to pen the final words and notes to his song – just before his mom’s 91st birthday.

The beautiful song is something we’re sure his mother loved, and it’s a beautiful thing to know that even when you stray from religion, God is always there waiting for you to return.