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Mother With Dementia Regains Memory After Eating 2 Foods Daily

Dementia is a condition that results in an individual slowly and steadily losing their memory or mental skills.

It has always been known as a disease that can only be managed, not fully cured, and mainly affects older members of society, though it can happen to people of all ages.

When Mark Hatzer’s 82-year-old mother, Sylvia, developed dementia, her forgetfulness progressed and became worse very quickly.

Then, Mark and his mother discovered that there were some places in the world where dementia is far from common – Mediterranean countries.

He realized that this was likely due to their diet, which was nothing like what he and his mom ate on a regular basis.

So, Mark and his mother formulated a diet plan that included popular foods in Mediterranean countries, like walnuts, blueberries, Brazil nuts, and strawberries.

Foods such as these provide benefits to the brain, boosting mental power and memory.

Sylvia also incorporated some other well-known brain-boosters into her meals, including sweet potatoes, broccoli, oats, dark chocolate, and even green tea, and she even started doing mental and physical exercises.

It took a few months before any obvious signs of improvement began to appear, but Mark noticed that his mom was beginning to remember birthdays and started acting the way she had before she developed dementia.

She even began interacting with other people more often and actively doing things that would help her brain and her body.

Mark was absolutely thrilled to see that their hard work was paying off, and now he’s spreading his message to others around the world.

Many with dementia – or their families – find themselves assuming that their life can never be the same again after they develop the condition, but Mark wants to show everyone that, while there are bad days to go with the good days, there are ways to fight it.

The Alzheimer’s Society has endorsed the methods that Mark and Sylvia performed, and they’ve made sure to share the diet plan, recipes, and exercises that Sylvia did on a special blog.

Their plan has been able to work against the horrors and troubles that come with dementia, and for many who have the condition, it’s a game-changer.

They’ve done so well that Sylvia was invited to a garden party of Queen Elizabeth!

There may be no researched, certified cure or prevention method for this condition, but making sure to participate in regular physical and mental exercises as well as eating well can help in its management.

Mark is so proud of Sylvia for all her efforts and determination, and the fact that they’ve been able to help so many other people with dementia is a true inspiration.

We really hope that this revelation is a stepping stone for medical science to better understand dementia and how to treat it so that one day, there can be a scientifically sanctioned cure.