Delanie Marcotte School Board Meeting

Bullying in school has become a common occurrence despite many people’s attempts to spread love, acceptance and tolerance.

According to Bullying Statistics, one in four kids are apparently being bullied on a regular basis in the United States. It is a growing problem that requires immediate action.

An 11-year-old girl from New Hampshire pleaded with her school board to do something about the increasing bullying incidents at her school.

Delanie Marcotte, who goes to Pollard Elementary School, recounted her experience in a heartbreaking speech in front of adults in authority.

Delanie Marcotte School Board Meeting

Going to this meeting was her last resort after months of staying silent against the bullies.

She finally found the courage to go public with her experience but her voice still quivered several times when she gave her speech.

People who watched Delanie talk about being bullied could sense the pain in her voice.

The fifth grader said that a bully threatened to shoot her with an AK-47 in the head. She also said the bullies kicked her and told her mean things.

Delanie Marcotte School Board Meeting

Delaine’s father, Todd, said that he found it hard to hear his child speak about the aggravation she experienced.

Todd shared that Delanie would tell them what happened to her frequently and despite contacting the school about it, the bullying didn’t stop.

Todd was supposed to address the school board on behalf of her daughter.

But just as he stood up to address the eight-person panel, Delanie asked her dad if she could be the one to give the speech.

Delanie Marcotte School Board Meeting

The girl also revealed that one of the mothers of the bully confronted her during a school field trip. She yelled at Delanie and accused her of getting her son in trouble.

Delanie’s video addressing the school board went viral on Facebook.

Her mother, Amy, told the press that she’s proud Delanie took guts to come out with her story and they are astounded by the amount of support she’s getting from the public.

Delanie Marcotte School Board Meeting

Superintendent Dr. Earl F. Metzler told ABC News that they support and encourage student voices like Delanie’s.

They want kids who experience something uncomfortable in school to speak up, along with their parents. Metzler also said that they will give her concern full attention.

A few weeks later, the Timberlane Regional School District, imposed a new program to stop the bullying incidents n schools.

They adopted the system from the “No Bully” organization, which was founded in 2003.

It apparently has a 90 percent success rate and it’s also the same system adopted in over 300 schools in the U.S.

In the first year, the program will center on foundational coaching, anti-bullying training, bully-proof workshops and a peace summit.

In the second year, the program will have a conflict resolution training, as well as social and emotional workshops for the kids, teachers, parents and guardians.

The superintendent believes that this new program will be a comprehensive approach to curb bullying. It’s designed to take a proactive approach with the students and their parents.