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Deep Sea Explorers Caught This On Camera And It’s Scaring The Heck Out Of Everyone

Terrors from the deep! There is a reason why horror films are popular – we like to imagine scary, unthinkable things – but when those scary and impossible things wash up on shore people don’t know how to handle it. Sometimes our imaginations get the better of us, and we miss the simple explanations. Look at the picture below and see if you can identify this mystery creature.

Jaime Rendon and some other fishermen were fishing off the coast of Mexico with the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet when something unexpected happened.

Jaime felt a strong tug on his line and began to reel in the fish he had caught, but no one was prepared for what he was able to pull in!

At first, everyone thought he had discovered a new species – or had even found some alien from another planet! Do you recognize the creature? I sure don’t but rest assured, it is not a new species – or an alien.

deep sea creature

Image Credit: Flickr