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6-Year-Old Son Passes Away. When Parents Return From Hospital, They Find A Note He Left For Them

Have you ever looked at your child and wondered how they can be so amazing? Some children are just wise beyond their years. Leland Shoemake was one of those children. Sadly, he died on September 25, 2015. He has contracted meningitis from an ameba (Balamuthia mandrillaris). Amber, Leland’s mom, believes he got the deadly infection playing outside.

After Leland had passed, his parents returned home and found the note he had left for them. The note was in the living room and Tim, Leland’s dad, found it. The moment he read the note, he cried. Here is the note – read it, and you will cry too.

Leland was known for leaving little notes for his parents, this one was clearly very different.