Debbie sultry makeover

As much as we all hate it, today’s world is incredibly obsessed with holding on to our youthful looks for as long as we can.

Just look at how much plastic surgery is being done by the rich to fight those wrinkles!

Alas, the reality is that there is no way to freeze our biological clock at age 20.

What we can do, however, is learn how to age gracefully, and accept the changes happening to our body.

After all, it has done its best and carried us through so much – the least we can do is be kind to it.

And here’s a little secret – you may find that working with your age with a positive mindset can actually do wonders for your appearance!


Debbie is a lovely woman who had decided she was in need of a makeover.

When she turned 60 (which as we all know is the age we start considering ourselves as seniors), she decided that this was the time.

She, just like many of us, had always wanted a makeover.

Alas, it was hard for her to find someone who she could fully trust to bring out the best in her.

Which is perfectly understandable – nobody wants to spend hundreds or even thousands on a makeover, only to end up not being happy with the result!


Luckily, she had heard about Christopher Hopkins and his miraculous skills!

Based in Minneapolis, Hopkins is a media personality, author, and most importantly, a makeover artist.

Together with his handpicked team of fashion advisors and hairstylists, Hopkins and his crew are famous for being one of the best makeover people in the country.

He didn’t receive his reputation and title as “The Makeover Guy” for no reason, after all!

When she went to see Hopkins, Debbie was definitely a person who looked her age – maybe even older.

A lovely woman who was comfortable and happy with herself, but she nevertheless was undeniably frumpy.

So when she said she wanted a makeover for herself, it is an understandable statement – who doesn’t want to both look good and feel good about themselves?


Her daughter supported the decision, but her husband was perplexed.

Mostly because he couldn’t quite understand that this wasn’t about looking good for others.

Rather, it was about the confidence boost you get from knowing that you are looking your best. After that, being attractive is just a bonus.

Deciding to entrust herself with only the best, Debbie traveled all the way from Chicago to experience Hopkin’s makeover magic for herself.

His reputation had already preceded him, however – Debbie admitted that she was so confident in Hopkin’s ability, she would trust him even if he decided to dye her hair some wild shade like green or purple.

Obviously, she didn’t leave Hopkins’s studio with green hair.

She did, however, walk out looking and feeling absolutely amazing.

Not only does she look incredibly stunning, it looks like the makeover managed to reverse back time for her as well.

No wonder she barely recognises herself!

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