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Deaf Woman Orders A Coffee At Starbucks And Is Shocked By How The Barista Responds

ASL, or American Sign Language, is used by people with hearing impairments. It is how they communicate – most of us just know it as sign language. Do you know how to use it? I used to know the alphabet, but have forgotten most of it. Luckily for Rebecca King, the barista at a Starbucks in St. Augustine, Florida didn’t forget.

Using a video screen, Rebecca was able to place her order at the drive-thru window. Rebecca said that this was the first time she came across something like this and is signing the praises of Starbucks for their efforts. Being so thrilled with the experience, Rebecca went back the next day and recorded a video of the new technology. She then posted the video, and it has gone viral!

You can watch her video below

Good job, Starbucks! You have impressed us all with your innovation! Share away, people!