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Deaf Dog Can’t Hear Commands But When Owner Talks In Sign Language He Knows What To Do

Today, we have many ways to communicate. We can text, talk on the phone or in person, we can Skype, write an e-mail or a letter, or send a message using an instant messenger app. A barrier to communication though is language. Take for example people who use ASL (American Sign Language), if you don’t know ASL, it makes communication much more challenging.

When people train dogs, sometimes a hand signal goes along with the commands. Eventually, you may be able to use just the hand signal to elicit a behavior from your dog. The dog in this video, Max, is deaf. The Great Dane can’t hear – but he knows hand signals! Max’s owner can use her hands and fingers to get him to do things!

Take a look at this video

You have to wonder how Max was trained! But the video proves that communication is possible if you are willing to put in the effort. Share away, people!