When you enroll your children in a daycare center, you’re trusting the workers to provide the best care for them and to keep them safe.

A video from a daycare center in South Africa has recently surfaced and shows the horrible acts that a teacher committed on two children in her care.

Because of this video, it has brought awareness to other daycares across the world and how their workers treat children.

The teacher can be seen in the video hitting and stomping a little boy. She then makes a little girl clean her own vomit while hitting her as well.

Several of the other children in the daycare center had to clean up at the same time, a practice that the teacher engages in as a daily routine and one that is used as a form of punishment.

The name of the teacher hasn’t been released, but she has been arrested.

While the little boy was at the mercy of his teacher, he was being hit in his head. He was tossed onto the floor. The teacher then proceeded to stomp on his head with her foot.

The little girl who was hit was on the floor cleaning her own puddle of vomit. She was clearly crying while she was cleaning as were a few of the other children in the video.

When officers saw the video, they arrested her. She has been charged with assault of a minor and is awaiting trial.

Her next court date is in May 2019, but there are many people who have already tried her on social media.

Numerous parents are outraged about what happened and want to know why something wasn’t done beforehand to protect the children at the center.

They don’t understand why she wasn’t charged to the fullest extent of the law instead of only being charged with assault.

The assault took place about two years ago, but family members only recently found out about what happened when the video made its way to social media.

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